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  • Chris Milton

    Hmpf. Sorry but I can’t get too excited, and my cynical bell goes off.

    GE and Chevron building a carbon sequestration project to put carbon back into somewhere we’ve just got carbon out from …? Well, I suppose I should expect nothing more.

    Carbon sequestration really should be taken off the table. A bit like nuclear waste, it’s a legacy headache for future generations (or poor impoverished Africans).

    Not impressed, but not surprised either I guess.

  • Victor Reyes

    We are going to use fossil fuels for at least 15 more years. Natural gas is the least contaminant of these fuels. So why not a carbon sequestration project?

    I know we should be focusing on renewable energy but is not possible to change the entire energy scheme from one day to another.

  • Chris Milton

    I accept that the fossil fuel super-tanker can’t be turned around on the head of a pin.

    But opening up one of the world’s largest natural gas fields for exploitation and then using it to sequester carbon sounds like a long term project, not a stop gap.