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  • Uncle B

    Now: feed that power to rechargeable electric hybrid plug in cars and cut foreign oil imports to strengthen the dollar! Buy Tesla, Aptera, even the “Volt” if it ever gets produced, and make the conversion away from foreign oil dependency for transportation – even follow these plans with electric bullet trains in intercity networks to cut foreign oil costs and strengthen the dollar! We do so have the resources, Wind and Solar , Hydro and Tidal do so count! Whats more they are perpetual – never require refueling, and have no waste products to worry about!America is out of oil! Drilling for Geothermal makes more sense! Hunting the far side of the world for oil does not! America needs Power independence This is the way to get there.

  • Timothy B. Hurst

    Once again, I Couldn’t agree with you more, Uncle B.

  • Caleb Dwiggins

    Do the math guys… Wind is great it is good but it can’t hold a candle to what coal fire NG and other petrol energy sources are doing now. I want to see more so called green in this country to but electric cars would only shift our need for carbon fuels from petrol based cars to coal, NG, and nuke based electricity. The answer is to conserve and innovate and learn to live different.

  • Rechargeable candles

    It’s definitely time we start looking more seriously into conserving energy rather than just finding new ways to produce it.

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