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  • Uncle B

    Intel will certainly look for a solid-state answer to our American energy dilemma: Meanwhile, even China forges ahead with electric bullet train networks to get off the foreign oil hook. We cannot falter, America, we must get going on all renewables, or perpetual energy sources, if you will. Solar, Wind, Wave, Tidal, Hydro, and Geothermal must replace our foreign liquid energy supply with domestic electric energy that we own and control, and as soon as possible, to shore up our failing economy. Super-insulations are next to come into play, to conserve and direct the electrical energy as we collect it from Mother Nature. Nuclear power, likely a short-term, stop-gap savior will in the end contaminate all, and can serve best for military purposes first. Our remaining oil must be conserved for national defense purposes. As world sources for oil dry up, none more discovered, and as Asian demand cuts into America’s share of oil with a strong Yuan, we will be forced to change. The new paradigm will reshape America, the American Dream, and our lives forever.