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  • Mario Vellandi

    Hi there,

    Nice list to start with! Maybe you might mention me too!
    Mario Vellandi, community engagement manager at Sustainable Life Media @slmcommunity

    Also, you might want to mention our speaker, columnist, author, and pal Andrew Winston @greenadvantage


  • David Connor

    Wow. Thanks for the honoured inclusion Tim!

    There are some truly great and inspirational people on your list and I’d recommend them all, plus many more not included such as these: – Award winning author – Corp volunteering / CSR – CSR reporting – CEO at Timberland – top eco fashion info

    • Timothy B. Hurst

      Thanks for the suggestions David!

  • Steve Puma

    I’m pretty sure that I don’t deserve to be on the same list as Gil Friend and Joel Makower, but I do write for TriplePundit.

    I do a combination of green business, technology and other interesting related topics at


    Steve Puma

  • Fabian Pattberg

    Thanks Tim for including me here. I am honored!

  • Linda Snider

    Thanks for a great list. I’d like to suggest adding @MadawaskaDoors as a green supplier, their products can be used in the greening of new or existing buildings.

  • Ashlee McMillan

    Great list and a wealth of information is available by following these people!

    If you have the chance, give us a follow at for a variety of sustainable news, green product reviews, and the latest in renewable energy developments. Now featuring original HD video content and launching a weekly news program (video) covering all things green in early 2010.

  • elsameow

    That’s a nice list, but why are they all men?

    • Timothy B. Hurst

      elsameow, I’m really glad you brought that up as I only realized the male-ness of the list this morning. Sometimes, I feel like Stephen Colbert in that I don’t see gender (like Colbert says he doesn’t see the color of people’s skin).

      But in all seriousness, you raise an excellent point and it was certainly not intentional. Perhaps fodder for a follow-up. Thanks again.

    • Timothy B. Hurst
  • Lynn

    Thanks, Timothy! Great list… just when I thought I knew them all!

    Here’s a woman (me). @IC4ME — eco views, news and activism (Your Voice Counts #yvc activism especially today so check it out).

    CHEERS :)

    • Lynn

      A woman, but not truly for green “business”. Are there any women tweeting green biz? I’d like to know and will find out!

  • Lynn

    How about @GreenWed @WorkingforGreen @TaigaCompany

    • Timothy B. Hurst

      Great, thanks for the start, Lynn.

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  • Green Samurai

    Great list! :-)

    Please follow

  • Lorraine Haataia, PhD

    From a female sustainability colleague:

    and a few more of my favorites:

    Annie Leonard @storyofstuff
    Jennifer Woofter @jenniferwoofter
    Vandana Shiva @drvandanashiva
    Amy Fetzer @amyfetzer
    Shari Aaron @saaron

    • Lynn Hasselberger

      Great suggestions, Lorraine! Now following you. Couldn’t seem to locate @amyfetzer


  • Lorraine Haataia, PhD

    And the wefollow survey says these are tho most “influential” sustainability Twitters:

    Try this for Amy Fetzer

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  • John

    You should add @GreenBureau

  • Lynn Anne Miller

    Happy to see I’m already following many of these men, and the few that I’m not….I’ll start to do so now!

    Thanks for the great list!

  • GreenMom

    Great list/resource and follow up comments for “add’s”.

  • Nick Aster

    Thanks for the shout out! We’ll keep ‘em coming!

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  • Sarah Wood

    Here you will find some light-hearted and some heavy-hearted green news, tips and advice.

    • Sarah Wood

      SORRY – made a goof on the above link. I can’t even blame it on Monday! Hope you still follow! :) BTW, I love this site – great connections!!

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  • Retweetific

    I would say definetely @retweetific for his original and funny tweets

  • maliya

    I’m really glad you brought that up as I only realized the male-ness of the list this morning.