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  • Lynn Hasselberger

    Thanks, Tim! Both lists are valuable and I’m now following everyone on them. Cheers!

  • Julie Urlaub

    Great list Tim!

    It’s great to be included in a list consisting of talented and though leading ladies in the sustainability space! Appreciate the mention!

    Best, Julie

  • Fabian Pattberg

    Great list.

    I would also add: &

    I know you have only places for 16 but these two women are really great tweeps to follow too!

  • Lynn Anne Miller

    Tim, thanks so much for including me and my @OrganicMania and @4GreenPs accounts in your list! What a nice surprise and I guess I’ll view it as my first ever “International Womens Day” present!

    I now count @DianeMacEachern and @greenhance (Jennifer Kaplan) among my friends, having first met them through this crazy bloggy/tweety cyberspace thing.

    I’ll view the other 13 women I haven’t yet met as friends-in-waiting!

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  • Jennifer Taggart, TheSmartMama

    What a great list but I think you have left out at lot of great green Twitter users. Which happens with every top Twitter list. And I really like and admire many of your choices, and am friends with some and others I follow. But, can I suggest some more green women peeps to follow, including myself? I’m @thesmartmama (I was a finalist for a Shorty Award for best green content on Twitter this year, and as a founding member of GreenMoms won the Shorty Award for green last year). I also think that @thesoftlanding is doing some wonderful tweeting on non toxic solutions, particularly for plastics; and @greenandhealthy is a great female representative for Healthy Child Healthy World; and there are so many more . .

    • Timothy B. Hurst

      Thanks Jennifer! Yes, making these lists will undoubtedly result in some omissions. Keeping the list to my somewhat arbitrary limit of 16 took some work and I had to leave off some very qualified tweeps.

      Thanks for your input!

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  • Mike Nelson Pedde

    Hi There: I’d add Michelle Hucal – @hucalm to that list. Here’s her Twitter profile:

    “Editor of premier green building magazines/ websites(Environmental Design + Construction & Sustainable Facility), trying to be a green mom.”

  • mcmilker

    Terrific list, Tim!

    Some of my favorite green writers and some real leaders in the green movement. I know we’ll be hearing more from all of them…and you were savvy enough to recognize them early!

    • Timothy B. Hurst

      Thanks Maryanne! Yours is another name that could just as well have been on the list (@mcmilker).

  • Christine Esposito

    Great list! A reminder to tune into those that I was already following. And some excellent new additions.

  • emily

    Would like to see more women in the business of sustainability have the time to Tweet!

    Catherine Greener is a good Greenie to follow @catgreener

  • Carolyn Parrs

    There are so many women worthy of a mention here. There are millions of mothers and women entreprenuers in the green space that are changing the course of commerce in another way –by starting and growing their own businesses. I have interviewed many of them on my podcast, Women Of Green. WOGs are changing the world one carpet, diaper, cleaning product, one sexy lingerie at a time. Not only by the products they buy, but by the businesses they start.

    Take Liberty Phoenix Lord who lost her 2 1/2 year old baby to toxic poisons in her home and started a green building store, Indigo Green Store (named after her baby) in her community so no other mother would ever have to experience what she did.

    And then there’s Margarita McClure, a mother of three who refused to put disposable diapers on her babies because she knew that the chemical in the liners contain sodium polyacrylate, the same substance removed from tampons in 1985. So what did Margarita do? She started Swaddlebees, now a 2 ½ million dollar company that manufactures organic, totally cool cloth diapers that have moms dumping the disposables for a healthier choice for their babies

    These are the true mothers of invention. And as a mother and green business owner myself, I started Women Of Green to tell their stories, to turn up the volume of their voices and encourage other women to do the same.

    Carolyn Parrs

    Follow me at
    Women Of Green Fan Page on Facebook

  • Kelly Vriezen

    Elena M. Michel of Second Eden in Charlotte, NC is making big waves in that area. She is an architect specializing in sustainable consultancy and design. She really focuses on reducing costs, cutting carbon, meeting requirements, and achieving environmental sensitivity in her work. Definitely worth a look if you need those services.

    You can find her on twitter at: @secondeden or her webpage:

    Thanks for helping to crack the glass ceiling in this area! Great article!

    • Elena Michel

      Hi Kelly!

      Thanks for the mention and for the plug! You’re so sweet to think of me!


  • Mike Kato

    I would add @Radiance_within to your list. Her posts on ecology, science, and social conscience issues are wonderful.

  • andrew

    Just after reading your headline, I immediately thought of two women your list is missing. @greennovate by Mihela Hladin tackling environmental education in China, and @sustainologist Lizette Smook manufacturing sustainable textiles and products out of S.E. Asia. Check their websites for more and respectively.

  • Meredith Gossland

    I hope my blog which has 200 green business ideas, a green marketing contest, and lots of green help for entrepreneurs would be worthy of following. PS I am the author and a woman…lol Thanks for all you do to further the cause. We need to build momentum in green business if we are to save this planet!

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  • Lizette Smook

    COOL list! Thank you!!

  • Charleen Larson

    That’s a clever use of a list to spark discussion, no matter what the niche.

  • Carolyn Parrs

    You so forgot Women Of Green. That’s what we’re all about. Check us out at @womenofgreen on Twitter. Facebook:

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