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  • Sophie

    Vertical axis, aesthetic and silent wind turbines exist, such as the wind turbine : seems better to me than a skystream (integration, no nuisance, etc.).


  • windyboy

    Actually, there is no such thing as a ‘silent’ wind turbine. VAWT’s do not perform as efficiently as a HAWT such as the Skystream. For a given wind speed, no VAWT comes remotely close to the annual energy output of a HAWT.

  • Steve Jacobson

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the article. I live very close to the new Walmart in Worcester MA. I have long had a serious distaste for Walmart but this mini wind turbine effort in their new facility has been great to see. I too am a big fan of wind turbines. Now we only need to replicate this 100,000 times.

    I’ll keep watching for your articles.

    Best regards,

    Steve Jacobson
    Millbury MA

    • Timothy B. Hurst

      You’re welcome, Steve. And thanks for the comment. Keep us posted on what the buzz around Worcester is about the turbines.

  • Jaimie Werner

    I am an assistant manager for Sam’s Club in Sarasota,FL and I am very proud that our company not only recognizes the need to be more sustainable and to reduce our carbon footprint, but that we have the power to put it into action. Let’s hope that other large corporations follow this strategy.

  • Kamalini

    Thanks for this article! I agree with Mr. Jacobson — I haven’t been an enthusiastic fan of Sam’s and Walmart prior to now, but this is heartening news. It’s encouraging to see that they’re not only talking about sustainable energy but are actually following up on their promises! I’m looking forward to watching the progression of Walmart’s conversion to energy sustainability. Let’s see how much they do and how fast they’re able to do it! :)
    By the way I also wanted to compliment you on your “About the Author” paragraph — that’s well-written and cute. :)
    Thanks again!

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