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  • Awesome?

    Delicious. A certificate that allows me to spew MORE emissions.

    You need to work harder to save the world. Perhaps, you should pay a tax too. No?

  • Brian W.

    I have a bunch of certificates on my desk that say you can pollute more. I just printed them out yesterday, as a matter of fact. Twenty bucks each. Anyone interested?

  • Victor

    Why not directly go for LED lights. It’s said that they are much more powerful and also takes lesser energy than CFL and glow five times longer. So why not LED lights?

    • Heloise

      Superbly ilulmnitanig data here, thanks!

  • nirmal

    why still tacking about cfl simply ban production of incandescent bulbs.

    also we need alterate enery sources.

    such as solar energy.

    even i am interested in making a small solar photo voltaic system i am unable to collect technical and cost detail.

  • ajit

    Just curious, I have found no reduction in my electricity bills after using CFLs. Is it really true that they use less power?

  • akbar

    Hi Ajit, Try the branded CFL’s, unbranded ones are no better than incandescent bulbs. Dont go by the wattage given on the box. CFL’s are still not Energy Star rated so anything sells.

  • akbar

    Sure Victor, LED’s last approximately 5 times longer than CFL’s and consume much less power but cost aprroximately 10 times more!!! Over to you.

  • Ajit

    Akbar how do you make an assumption that I am talking of unbranded bulbs, philips and osram are good enough brands for CFL right? I see no difference at home or office power bills.

  • akbar

    My apologies Ajit, everytime people close to me complained that CFL’s make no difference to power consumption, I found out that they were using unbranded CFL’s, hence I assumed the same in your case. I have measured the power consumption of 8 brands of CFL’s of the same power rating. Philips, Osram and Havells were the only ones that stuck to their claimed power ratings, with approximately 2+ watts extra. You’ve got to look for other factors for your consistent power consumption despite switching to CFL’s.

  • Ajit

    Akbar I feel that the idea of India saving such a huge amount of power 6000 MW by switching to CFLs is an exaggeration by extrapolation. Not going to happen in real terms.

  • akbar

    Hi Ajit, a small table shown above justifies the claim in theory atleast. I have come accross several news reports that lakhs of CFL’s have been distributed in several villages in South India and some villages and small towns in India even boast of being completely on CFL’s. If this trend continues, maybe we could save that much power. My experience: since the time we switched to CFL’s in our society of 26 floors, we have saved a lot on electricity bills. Unbranded CFL’s consumed roughly twice their rated power.
    Although CFL’s last 10 times longer than an incandescent bulbs, they come with a hazardous little secret which many consumers are unaware of. There is an urgent need to educate consumers of the dangers of disposing of CFL’s incorrectly.

  • S.Sundar

    Forget the worries. mail me for a right light solution.

  • gnanaskandan

    sir, we have a l ed manufacturing unit in pondichery, will any one guide me to get the government subsidies and benfits…

  • Ankitshah

    sir.. i want data of  cfl suppy from 2005 to 2020

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