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  • Ven

    Ok, so is this supposed to the the Zefiro 380 by Bombardier? Since it’s just a carriage, I can’t tell if it’s just another modified Valero or the actual Zefiro 380. China ordered 80 of the Zefiro 380 trainsets from Bombardier.

    • DanMan7

      The Zefiro 380 hasn’t be made yet. It comes to China in 2012 at the earliest.

      This is just the 380a train. It’s called the 380a because it can attain a safe maximum operating speed of 380km. It probably can go faster since that is the maximum SAFE operating limit.

      The 380a is going to put on the Beijing-Shanghai high speed rail. That is the longest high speed rail by far. It is a very challenging engineering project. No high speed train so far can travel nonstop at such distances. How would you power it?

  • Chris

    I would love to ride that. It must be sweet!


    It’s a sad day that Chins is growing and ripping it and America has Amtrack that cost millions to Americans and is slow as balls.

  • Joseph Bloe

    Wow! Having a demonstrably false statement as the first sentence of an article does not reassure the reader of the value of continuing to read the story.

    The world’s fastest train in operation is in fact the Transrapid magnetic levitation train connecting Shanghai’s Pudong airport to downtown Shanghai. It reaches a cruising speed of 269 mph, some 30 mph faster than the train featured in this article. However, the design cruising speed of the Transrapid is faster yet, at 312 mph (500kph), but the relative shortness of the current line (19 miles) limits the top speed attainable.

    The Chinese have recently approved construction of a 200 km extension of this train line to Hangzhou, which will allow the Transrapid to reach its designed cruising speed. The Chinese continue to lead the way with innovation, while we in the US are still stuck with journalists and politicians who advocate 85 mph trains as “high speed.” Find out more at

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