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  • Andy Gauvin

    “With several thousand villages still not connected with the national grid…” – This suggests that the villages should or eventually would become connected to the national grid. I don’t think that is the best aspiration to have. The fundamental nature of modern power grids seems to be a network of dependance more than one of energy. There is a limit to the needed redundancy of a complex system and a point where interconnection becomes more of a drain than a benefit. The only benefit of complete interconnection is to the great corporate supplier. But it is great to hear about distributed power generation, this is very much about freedom and independence. Excellent article.

  • Raghuraman C

    It’s good to see the Tata group thinking about entering the micro wind segment. This is a great victory for several small and medium renewable energy service providers such as my firm in India trying to define and create the market for micro wind turbines. The challenge in providing cost-effective wind energy solution to rural India , particularly those villages/areas that are off-grid is enormous. Micro wind turbines can deliver energy only in those locations where the annual average wind speed is adequate to churn the turbine. In order to keep the cost low, the micro turbines may be either roof mounted or mounted on 12-15 meter hub height on a mast. None in India, including CWET or any other Govt agency provides reliable data on annual average wind speed at 10m/15m hub height.. we need a national database on this before we aspire providing wind power to off grid villages or places in India with poor availability of power. There are over 350 micro wind turbine manufacturers in the world ( there are over 1000 models of turbines with capacity rating as low as 100W, much smaller than Tata’s 2KW, available in India for as low as Rs 8000, though China made !! Many of the European and American turbines have been operating for more than 10 years ! Some of these micro turbines are super efficient, perhaps far more efficient than what Tata would ever make, but then the total installed capacity of micro turbines is just about a few hundred mega watts, world wide in all these 20 + years of evolution of micro turbines.. . Clearly, the challenge is not about designing or manufacturing micro wind turbines, it’s about how to operationalize a nationwide plan of low cost energy production. Hope Tata takes a different approach than rest of the manufacturers in the world.

  • Bruce

    I have developed a keen interest in this entire area. I find it very interesting how many people are so passionate about alternative and green energy sources.

    I have recently posted my thoughts about this here:

    The Basics of Homemade Electricity

    I hope you like it. Let me know.


  • Scott Markham

    Electricity or energy is one of the most important needs of human. Sad to say but this is getting more expensive and some countries are experiencing scarcity on this resources. one best way is to have a homemade electricity in which you use the nature in getting your own electricity. One way is from sunlight by using solar panels. This will give you electricity as well as wind generators or wind mills.

  • manoj kumar dubey

    Very nice project . i will be one of the fore runner enterpreneur. please infom me with updates in this field.

  • mukul gupta

    i too like this project and want to populerise this initiative.

  • Paresh Rathi

    Looking at power crises in rural as well as urban area ( load sheding) it is good initiative to be self sufficient in all respect including power. I Would like to know more about the design and operation part of Micro wind turbines. Whoa re the present players and market opportunities. Aspiring micro wind turbine business in India.

    • Raghuraman C

      Hi Paresh,

      Happy to share about what we are doing in India on micro wind energy area.
      Feel free to call or mail me at or at



    • Mahesh Ganpate

       are you intrested  in wind turbine design  pls share details on


    Excellent project of wind-turbine……..! which will help in INDIA due major problem from Load sheding….
    I’m very much interested to install wind turbine, location at NASIK, Maharashtra, INDIA for agriculture purpose only (i.e electricity for agriculture) , hence due to lack of electrical energy (power) in our area (MSEB).
    So plz let me know the cost of wind turbine with the capacity-wise and also installation and other cost. And also the maintance cost (expenditure per year). with information for wind turbine.
    Plz reply.

    +919701869711 / +919823031681

    • Raghuraman C

      Hi Rahul,
      Micro wind turbine powered water pumping solution has just been launched in India. There is one at Vijayawada,AP delivering about 60,000 liters of water/day from a depth of about 200 feet. This is a DC-DC system, the pump being a DC submersible pump .
      Feel free to call or mail me at or at for more details, if you wish to.



  • rajendra sindha

    i am very much intrested in TATA nano wind power station i will be one of TATA dealer in my area surat india

  • vinay bhatt

    i am very interested in small wind power turbine which can provide electricity for home or farm. i am resident of hilly area. i want to install a small (nano) plant for home purpose. i am visiting many sites in this regard but all manufacturer are from abroad. today i found this site and now i want to know that is this nano turbine introduced in market ? if yes where can i find it and what does its cost ? my location is at uttarakhand state, village gopeshwar district chamoli
    please repply

    with regards
    Vinay bhatt
    Mahesh Kuteer
    village&P.O Gopeshwar
    Distt. Chamoli

    • Raghuraman C

      Hi Vinay,

      Most part of the Uttarakhand has good wind, fit for running the micro wind turbines. Several of our micro wind turbines are running in this region; including one at Maa Naina Devi mandi, Nainital . There’s another at Binsar, Almora, Please visit for more details. We have over 25 small/micro turbines running across several parts of India, most of these are wind+solar hybrid system. These are extremely affordable, starting with just about Rs1.5lacs !
      Feel free to call or mail me at or at



    • Mahesh Ganpate

       pls  share  on details  we are  providing to you right  solution and turbine  

  • Anoop


    I would like to know if places like Pune, Lonawala etc have potentials for wind power generation. I tried on Google for wind speed data in these areas but in vain.

    Does anybody have wind speed datas for these region.?

    Many Thanks,
    Anoop Vijay

    • Mahesh Ganpate

       ya availble  its very good   in wind speed  in pune . pls share  on topic  on 

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  • umeshchandra

    good to hear that big companys like tata is into micro wind . we are also doing some r/d on small wind of 500w to 4kw . which is succesful and fixed about 38 [pc in india

    • Ravichsa

      hi umesh,

      Iam in interested in setting up a micro wind turbine for domestic use in our apartment in Hyderabad. could you please provide me details of capacity, cost involved and maintenance for these.

      below is the my contact details.
      ravichsa@gmail.@gmail:disqus com

    • abhishek

      Please let me know also.
      Want for bungalow.

      Abhishek joshi

    • Prashant

      plz let me know the details of windmill for my residence

  • Rana kedar chandel

    Hello there!!! our scientist are doing well in the field of green energy but is it possible by 2012 they could invent one small wind and solar system for home only which could provide 3 to 4 kw for domestic use ??????

    • L. Subramaniam

      Dear Mr. Chandel,
      We already have similar turbines, and working well over the past couple of years.
      please call or mail me for more detailed discussions on the same.

      Best Regards
      +91 – 98847 93115

  • Rana kedar chandel

    Hey greetings, is this turbine is available in the market right now ?? or still they are just planing to launch ??

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  • Rafiq Yusuf

    Hi Raghu,
    Very much interested in the Tata nano Wind turbine.
    Kindly clarify wether it will be sufficient to run a 3/4HP sub pump,some farm equipments,farm house appliances,lights.
    My farm is based on a hillock and has a good wind running year long.
    Is there a gauge which can measure wind speed?
    Kindly send contact details of agencies from whom it can be purchased.
    What is Govt subsidy component on it?
    I am in ratnagiri-konkan.

    More on hearing from You.
    Best Regards.
    Rafiq Yusuf.
    Raj Agro Farms.

    • L. Subramaniam

      Dear Mr. Rafiq Yusuf,
      Can you please update your contact details, number and email, so i can get in touch with you and take your interest in micro wind turbines further?
      Best Regards
      +91 – 98847 93115

  • rafiq yusuf

    Dear Mr Subramaniam,
    Thankyou for your email.
    My email
    More on hearing from you.
    Best Regards.
    Rafiq Yusuf

  • B.T.Govinda Reddy

    iam very much interested to install micto wind turbines at my residence and farm land. please let me know the cost economics. i dont know whether the wind speed is sufficient at my farm. i heard 15kmph wind speed is required for the running of blades. what is the minimum speed required for water pump. my farm is located near Halia in nalgonda dist of Andhra Pradesh. that is 20kms north of Nagrjuna sagar dam. let me know any govt support is applicable for wnd mill pumps.

    • Mahesh Ganpate

       Dear Sir,
       pls share details on greenenergypl @gmail:disqus .com   


  • suresh.s.shinde

    I am very much interested in TATA nano wind power station. I will be interested one of TATA nano wind power dealer in my area Dharwad Karnataka.

  • Shankarappa_k

    I am interested to one of TATA nano wind power dealers in my area Raichur. Karnataka . Plz let me know the cost economic so plz forward to me broucher and price lists of modelwise. and awaiting your reply as early.

    My email ID :                                                                                   

  • Joshi_basant

    I am interested to one of TATA nano wind power of 2 to 3 kw in Haldwani send details and price list.My email ID :

  • Sksri3

    I am interested to one of TATA nano wind power  for residential perpose  in GHAZIABAD due to long power cuts in this send detail tech specs and price list.My email ID

  • Ajayinam1987

    i want 2 buy an micro wind power system for my residential purpose in vijayawada andhra pradesh due 2 high cost of power and long and non anounced power cuts plz send details and cost advantages and dis advantages about wind system for my home
    mail id:

    • Mahesh Ganpate

      good pls   share details on mahesh.gan.143@gmail:disqus .com  i have available in wind turbine 

  • Raghavendra chiruvella

    i belongs andhra pradesh in my house minimum 700 were built in electric meter please which is suitable for my house

  • Mahesh Ganpate

     pls  contact on mahesh.gan.143@gmail:disqus .com one  project also availble  in  design small wind turbine  

  • Vishu AK

    sir i m Interested to windmill project for Agriculture propose minimum 100kv like 10 boar well for working. .   
    Sir plx contact me as cell no. 09448102373, 09480331032. of rc.vishu@gmail:disqus .com or facebook id plz inform me..

  • Nigambkumar


  • Umesh Dave

    I am staying in Kutch reason of Gujarat I m interested to install 2kw a wind genertated power to for my homec purpose as well as to connect it to main powergrid please give me details and price list also to install plz. send on my email

  • a.vinay kumar

    i am interested to tata nano wind power for residental perpose in rajahmundry sent details one 500 watts wind price & waranty details plzz….tel me…………my email id.

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  • Shridhar Pujari

    hi Shridhar

    Iam in interested in setting up a micro wind turbine for domestic use
    in our apartment in Belgaum. could you please provide me details of
    capacity, cost involved and maintenance for these.

    below is the my contact details.

  • sunil goyal

    i am also thinking about wind energy to install for my domestic usage. my domestic load is 5kw. please tell about this

  • Rajesh wankhade

    Dear Sir,

    Please provide me all details for buying this because i want to install it for my home. send me all details about price, uses and maintenance and how many days you required to installed.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Rajesh Wankhade

  • narayanan

    i am interested to tata nano wind power for residental perpose in rajahmundry sent details one 500 watts wind price & waranty details plzz….tel me…………my email id

  • sunil rajput

    sir pl give the costing of instaling a wind milll in maharashtra shirur

  • Dinesh R

    4 years since, i dont think we have made much progress :( There is no launch of the nano turbine.

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  • Rakesh Patel

    hi i m intrested on wind energy so send me information for wind mill cost for diiferent wind mill and send me detail and my email id is

  • Dinesh Jadhav

    hi I like this. please tell me cost and tell me local dealer

  • Sadasiva Reddy

    We have a cold storage unit in Tadipatri, Anantpur District, Andhra Pradesh. In our area there is lot wind and several big wind projects are there in the surrounding area. We want to set up rooftop wind turbines on our cold storage roof area which is 160′ x 106′. Our area is good for even rooftop solar also. A combination both rooftop wind and rooftop solar is a good idea. Please let us know if anyone can suggest a good system. Please share the information in my mail id:

  • Rustom Taraporewalla


  • Bhimsensupale

    I want home perpose

  • Arvind Arolkar

    i want to know the price, availability, and specifications of a small wind mill producing sufficient energy for my home and farm in Konkan, Maharashtra.

  • Nandan

    I am very much interested in knowing more about wind turbine which can be used in farmland (rural area) where there is no electricity most of the time. This turbine should help us to run motors in lifting water from bore wells and also use few bulbs and Television at home. Based on these information I am planning to get one installed at my native place in Karnataka, would also like to know cost of purchase as well as implementation along with distrubutors available locally in Karanataka
    Kindly share details to


    Dear Sir,
    pls send details & Price in INR of wind Turbine 5 or 6 KW for Bhandara Purpose. address:- Shiv Ganga Sewa Sangh (R) A-211, Street No.-5, North Vindo Nagar, Delhi-110092 (India) Mob.-08510095612, 9810085612