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  • Andrew

    Or you can build a larger solar trough and add some heat storage tanks and forget about the coal altogether. Solar concentrating with heat storage is the only system which can be used to replace base load.

    • Krystal

      Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very imortpnat.

  • Peter john

    We need to stop burning coal because of the environmental and health damages that comes with it. I am for solar pre-heating but would prefer it was used with natural gas power plants. The storage requirement for solar power and wind power is a red herring since hydropower can be used to back solar and windpower up to 20% of our needs and quick start gas turbines for the rest.

  • ravi doddamani

    This is really innovative and better way of improving efficiency rather than going in for ultra super critical coal fired power plants

  • Ragz

    i saw dis article of hybrid energy n wud lyk 2 know if i cud use dis topic for my 10th grade science project ill b making a model acc 2 d diagram given on ur domain . plz notify me with ur consent so i can go ahead wid the project