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  • Josh

    Have you considered the possibility that people won’t invest in oil because of the cost of government interference in oil companies here? The ban on drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico is the reason I currently have no new oil investments.

  • Diginess

    The government interference has a purpose. If oil companies are going to have poor safety standards and therefore threaten the common property of everyone else, as well as the fishing trade in the gulf, then they deserve to be interfered with until they can start doing business with better equipment and backup plans.

  • cristele

    Even if I don’t want to invest, I do! My 401K comes with a set of packages that restrict me to proactively chose each one of the companies I’m investing in; I don’t even have a “sector choice”. It’s pretty standard 401K formula. So yes, going to a mutual fund…but then again, I lose my company’s contribution to my retirement. How many Americans like me, would like to withdraw from these companies but cannot really afford to stop contributing?

  • John

    I bet – but good luck finding a mutual fund that doesn’t contain oil stocks. I bet most people don’t have any idea where their money is.

  • Lise Raev

    Very interesting. To be totally honest, my financial advisor recommended against investing in oil stocks, and I followed his advice. It’s true, though, that it’s hard to find a mutual fund that doesn’t contain any oil stocks.