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  • Taylen Peterson

    3M is one of those companies that does tons of stuff most ppl don’t know about…like road signs and scott guard! glad to see a “mining” company doing its solar thing. i actually didn’t know a number of them were involved in the solar process, thanks tim :)

  • Julie Kinnear

    To think about alternative energy sources is becoming to be more or less necessity for all technological procedures that want to be more competitive on the market. All inventions that lead to save energy cost are very popular. I believe that in the nearest future most companies will rely on renewably energy divisions…

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  • Jay Marka

    Don’t forget IBM!

    Made in IBM Labs: IBM Sets World Record by Creating High-Efficiency Solar Cell Made from Earth-Abundant Materials
    Breakthrough holds potential to deliver more energy at a fraction of the cost

  • Peadar

    Strange there is no mention of the power consumption of each of the industries mentioned and the source and cost of that power; in particular  as it currently impacts on the final costs of their products.

    Interesting also that no information is provided of tax-payer funding and any specifics of consequent cost/ benefit results to the private citizenry.
    Yet a quick study of GE alone reveals that it has been sucking public sector funds since the 50′s in chasing environmental fantasies, but still it went bankrupt; still it cheated US tax-payers for a huge, undeserved bail-out (manipulated by government, ‘in-house’ environmentalists), and still is showing NO tax-payer cost/benefit.
    In fact, GE’s only relevant achievements to this article, is simply duplicating and thus competing with European companies to provide wind turbine odds and ends to foreign countries, namely China, but anyone other than film-stars, politicians, academics, environmentalists and Warren Buffet, who, for good and sensible reasoning, don’t seem to want solar and wind monstrosities in their back-yards to power their own oil-based and powered comforts and conveniences.

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  • Parvez Ahmed

    Missed ABB too for its transmission innovation of integrating renewable energy with transmission

    ABB Develops “Game Changing” Hybrid HVDC Breaker

  • Mrs. P

    We live in the sun-rich US South and I want to learn how we can capture that sun for energy in our all electric home. We are situated in a wooded area on a hilltop out from town and have no other energy option. I teach Art and Music part time and my husband is a ‘handy man’ for hire, so money is at a premium.
    Any ideas that could help us?

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  • Don Arrington

    wamplers sausage, they also do hydrogen manufacture and power as well