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  • Timothy B. Hurst

    I love the fact that there’s a group called the International Mire Conservation Group.

    • Peadar

      Why? Its just another questionable environmentalist group that wants global power in place of common sense, to dictate what individual citizens must do … without regard to all the other vested/specialist interest groups demanding the same but prior control of the planet. But then dictators abhor competition and question … as the usual wasted time, energy and resources at glorious conferences, like Durban’s, demonstrated once again.

  • Brad

    Peat only grows 0.5 mm a year. So when you harvest too fast it doesn’t have time to replenish itself even with an ideal climate. What exactly does this have to do with climate change?

    The Irish have been over harvesting peat., plain and simple. This would be true even if the climate wasn’t changing.

  • Azhrei

    Who is writing this stuff? “Celtic” is not a language. The words “Bord na Mona” are of the Irish language.

    At least you didn’t call it Gaelic.

    • Beth

      Hi Azhrei! I’m writing this stuff :) As I understood it, Ireland is one of the six Celtic nations, which is why I represented the translation as Celtic. I appreciate the correction, however.

      • Azhrei

        Somehow, I completely missed the “about the author bit”. I must apologise if I seemed rude in any way, it’s just that I’ve gotten so sick of correcting people about the language! I don’t know why, but everyone I know in America and Canada call it Gaelic. It’s Gaelic, sure, as Spanish is Ibero-Romance, or Arabic is Central Semitic :)

  • Boris740


    “…Peat has a high carbon content and can burn under low moisture conditions, unlike wood or coal.”

    So, author says that wood and coal cannot burn under low moisture conditions. I heat my house with wood. Drier the better.

  • Julie Kinnear

    The sources of peat aren’t everlasting. Actually all sources have their own limits. The bad news is the time while we get accustomed to that we have to count with temporary higher rates of unemployment. To harvest peat very fast doesn’t have the direct impact on the climate changes but it can cause soil erosion and that could have a secondary impact in the climate changes…

  • Peadar

    Climate change? I thought it was “man-made global warming” until that became discredited. Then wasn’t it “global warming,” which mankind could do even less about than the same crowd’s “global cooling” just 50 years ago? Perhaps first you give up all your man-made comforts and demands on others’ endeavours to custom produce everything just to suit your fancies and those others who do little else of value to mankind proportionate to their own sizeable carbon footprints! Then work on Al Gore, as your excursion into Irish peat reveals as little understanding as it does of this planet.