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  • Frank

    Read your article about Sauer Energy’s wind turbine.
    I began searching because just received a mail piece (William Hope’s alternative energy report) promoting their stock and product. But when I search the internet all I see is the wind turbine (VAWT) but not a full product that generate electricity. Am I missing something?

    • Timothy B. Hurst

      HI Frank-

      As far as I know, the Sauer Energy wind turbine is still in development so there probably isn’t any information about the full electricity-generating device. I will see what I can find out about that.

    • J.A. Kozma Jr.

      Frank… take a look at Sauer’s “U-Tube video which is linked to their website: . You’ll see their 3.2 KWH unit being assembled and operating

      • frank

        Thanks for the input. What I am interested is in seeing a prototype of what can be used at home that can actually replace most or some of our daily household energy consumption. For what I gather they are focused in providing with the source of wind collection (to sell) but we will have to come up with the rest. In their web page they do the math on saving with gov. assistance programs available and they add the cost of installation (I assume “the rest”). I have read in the past that alternative energy is first stored in batteries and then supplied to the house. However the source to recharge those batteries can either come from solar panels, wind mills or as rough as a daily dose of have hour gas power generator. Having said that…..I think their focus is wind power to recharge those batteries.

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  • jim duffy

    who is representing sauer in united states esp in western united states


    I have seen the stock promotion. It keeps refering to the 3.2 kwh turbine. This is a useless piece of non-information. The abbreviation “kwh” stands for kilowatt hours, a unit of energy, not kilowatts, a unit of power. A 3.2 kilowatt rooftop generator would be impressive. However, 3.2 kilowatt hours means nothing by itself. How long does it take to accumulate this energy? One day? A week? A month? Perhaps what is being refered to is the storage capacity of whatever battery system accompanies the turbine. By the way, does the $1200-$1500 price tag refered to for the 3.2kwh turbine generator include the cost of the battery and inverter that would be necessary to make it a practical power supply for the average home?

  • George Jennings Jr.


    I fell for something like this a few years ago – a big hype on America Wind Energy Corp (AWNE), and bought a bunch of stock. As near as I can figure once “they” (whoever wrote the report) saw the stock price rise they sold. Then prices dropped from $2.50/share to 2 cents a share… I fear William Hope’s (whoever he is) “Alternative Energy Report” on Sauer may be the same kind of ploy, even if the technology seems promising. Did you notice there is no way to get hold of William Hope and that the “Alternative Energy Report” is not findable on the internet, and has no phone, email or web site? The report I received in the mail does list a phone for Sauer (866-359-7541) and says “…we would like to draw your attention to our REMARKABLE advisory service – William Hope’s “Alternative Energy Report”. It then offers an introductory price of $925/year. Anyway, the whole thing sounds like a scam.

    So, Beware. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

  • George Jennings Jr.

    Here’s another note on the “Report”:

    • Bill

      Did you try calling the phone number listed in that post?

  • George Jennings Jr.

    Does anyone know if there is somewhere to report these kind of malpractice efforts? Like, the government?

  • Rick Corliss

    Sorry guys, this is a piece of crap penny stock and nothing more. The so called energy report has a disclaimer in it. The energy report is nothing but a pump so the pumpers can dump thier stock when it rises in price.

  • Gary Ford

    The latest and greatest in energy generation is energy on an atomic level that totally green, non-radioactive, cheap to build and totally renewable. What I’m taking about is a new invention using Nuclear Magnetic Spin. Imagine a postage stamp size device that will power a cell phone indefinitely – no more recharging every night. The generators are real and need financial help to get off the ground. Call me if you have more interest. Gary 801-623-0435

  • Thomas – Electric Car

    Really a good device for the use on higher buildings in the city center!

  • mike

    If you study the dimpled design of the turbine’s rear, I think you’ll find the principle they describe, the principle that makes a golf ball fly further, doesn’t apply… it only applies to spheres, not half-tubes, which is the basic shape of the blades. On the back side of the wind turbine blades, those dimples will probably actually increase drag rather than reduce drag, making this blade design less efficient than a smooth design… Could someone verify or deny this???
    I’ve looked over the literature and I too believe it is a scam.

  • June

    When you get this perfected and tried, let me know. I am very interested in getting something that will keep me from those bills, and would keep me from turning off lights. Especially at night, when they could eluminate my whole yard without thinking about how much this is costing me. . One question is how much noise does this make? Would my neighbors be annoyed? AND, where do you mount this. Is it on your roof, or can it be on ground level? I turely hope this is not a scam and that you have something that will WORK. ~~~JUNE~~~~~

  • Matt

    This is complete and utter scam. Savonius rotor turbines, of which this is a typical example, are ill suited to use in generating electircal energy, enven though they can be somewhat useful in doing mechanical work – such as pumping water and grinding grain. The dimples, slots and etc do absolutely Zero in converting more wind energy to electrical generation, since the basic VAWT, high density format of a Savonius remains the same as one without these features.

    Secondly, roof-mounted wind devices are a scam unto themselves, regardless of the format. It is common knowledge that USEFUL potential energy in the wind increases as the distance from the earth’s surface increases, and the roof of a building MUST be considered as the surface of the earth, not as being a de-facto wind turbine tower. There is virtually NO useable wind available on the roof of a typical residential building. Period. If these little joke machines were mounted on top of a minimum 30′ tower, on a flat plain with no trees, buildings or other topographical features within 500′, all you would have is an extremely overpriced device of about the same potential output as an AirBreeze – 200 Watts rated power. And I’m being too kind. At least the Breeze works.

    How companies like this continue to proliferate is a mystery. Except when you realize that PT Barnum was right. If you want to invest in stock or, heaven forbid, actually buy one of these things – do some reading. Paul Gipes “Wind Power” is a good place to start.

  • Eyeball

    Yo would have to be crazy to invest in this right now. I will wait for the final product in production. When they sell, there will be reviews from customers. If it indeed is a God’s end to generating electricity for your home, the world will soon know. Then I might buy in. It would still be considered early before everyone has one or two.

  • Ssstew2000

    O .k I bought 200 shares.  little under a hundred bucks But Ive seen it plumnet.  Guess i;ll stick around and see what happens.  But if it busts I hope it does it soon.