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  • sandy

    I agree with you that recycled bags are not just

    economic, but also very sturdy. Earlier on, I’ve come

    across another video about recycled stuff- it’s about

    recycled pvc handbags. You should see it.

    • Allison Leahy

      Upcycled bags–awesome! Thanks.

  • Joe

    I see a host of quotations from Hilex Poly. Did the author bother to interview Andy Keller for this article? Is there any financial relationship between Hilex Poly and Earth & Industry or Ms. Leahy? This is the second article that she has written in recent months with a pro-Hilex Poly spin. Also, what is the purpose of the graphic at the top?

    • Allison Leahy

      The leading image is a light-hearted poke intended to draw people in– I bring my reusable bags everywhere and hope others try to do the same. I don’t see this piece as having a “spin”. My intention was to juxtapose the original and counter statements with a “note” to give readers additional context. Early this year Earth and Industry was invited to tour Hilex-Poly’s Bag-2-Bag recycling facility, but rest assured, there is no financial relationship between Hilex-Poly and myself or Earth and Industry. After reading a variety of posts regarding this lawsuit, I felt an interview with Phil Rozensky would add something to the discussion. I did not get the chance to interview Andy Keller.

  • Jane

    Here’s an update on the lawsuit involving ChicoBag. A settlement was reached Sept. 13, 2011. Use this link to view ChicoBag’s press release regarding the settlement

    • Allison Leahy

      This is wonderful news, thanks Jane!