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  • Mridul Chadha

    The EU has done the right thing. Other countries are not willing to take any action against the rising carbon emissions. I expect the emissions from the aviation and shipping sectors would be regulated on the global pretty soon. The issue was disussed at the Durban climate change conference as well. Additionally, the International Civil Aviation Organisation has already asked all the governments to submit their plans to reduce carbon emissions.

    It was an issue of either waiting for the ICAO to take some action three or four years later or taking an action now, the EU didn’t choose to delay the action. Obviously, it’s the EU airlines which will be hit the most even in this grave economic crisis, but still they are going ahead. The world should learn from that.

    • Tim

      Hi Mridul-
      Thanks for the info. The amount of fuel used in commercial transportation — aviation and maritime — is pretty staggering, so I hope we see some more holistic policy buy-in soon. In the meantime, scattered reports of airlines testing and piloting biofuel programs is encouraging. The big question is, of course, one of scale.