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  • EV

    All Luxury EV except for the Prius

  • houstondav

    You say 12 best EV and hybrid, yet you only list 4 Ev’s. Three of which aren’t in production and may or may not be by end of 2012 and the other is out of production. Yet, you leave out the only mass produced EV out, the Nissan Leaf.
    Believe title should have been more like
    “12 Most Expensive EV’s and Hybrids coming Soon”
    But I guess that would not have gotten many hits.

    • Kayne Karnbach

      houstondav –  Thank you for an intelligent response. I own a Nissan Leaf and it is sad that this article leaves out the most attainable and realistic car for mass EV adoption. As ronaldperkins mentioned, we are doing everyone a huge disservice by refering to PHEVs as EVs and putting up extremely expensive concept-type cars that most people can’t afford or can’t even buy. Yet we have the Nissan Leaf in production now that is relatively cheap and can serve the driving needs of most every person out there. I drive mine nearly 60 miles a day and live in a cold weather climate. The car is awesome and with 210 lb-ft or torque, my driving is comfortable and fun.

  • Ronaldperkins

    Most of these cars are not electric cars, but hybrid electric cars.  We need to stop referring to high powered ICE cars as electric, it just confuses the issue.  A sexy, powerful car can be all electric knowing that acceleration and speed trade off range as with all cars.  Use the Leaf model and increase range to 200 miles and you have an affordable car for everyone.  Weight is the issue, hauling around an extra engine and transmission makes no sense.

    • DrBob Reinke

      I too find it disgusting when I hear them referring to a Chevy Volt ICE as an electric car. In fact it is an oil guzzling ICE with an electric transmission.

  • Kobushi

    Too bad only 2 of these can actually be purchased.

  • Rezin45

    can i have one??

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  • JP White

    Impressive selection of exotic cars. Thanks for sharing, the Jag looks totally awesome.

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  • Whitec21

    A couple of months ago the first all-electric Le Mans Prototype race car was unveiled. It’s not a road car, but it is working to pioneer a lot of new technologies such as wireless inductive charging. It also has a fully electric 850 hp motor and will likely be the fastest EV around.

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