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  • Mike Morrison

    As a closet hippie, I hope Monsanto loses. Though I expect that they won’t. Its a really tricky situation, because on the one hand I support genetic research and it undeniably has immense benefits for humanity, but on the other hand, if used poorly will most likely result in disastrous situations. Like plants that can’t reproduce or zombies or whatever. Oh wait, they already make plants that don’t reproduce..and there was that zombie attack in Florida..omg! It’s too late! (insert Heston on the beach with the Statue of Liberty here.) Then there is animal genetic engineering which I think is totally cool. For example there’s the mole rat, which has so many amazing abilities such as insensitivity to low oxygen levels or toxins and acids, as well as the highly intriguing ability to NEVER get cancer coupled with a long life span. Lots of cool traits there that may help us develop ways to prolong our lives. (Though hopefully not by turning us into mole people.) And don’t even get me started on water bears, Gavin. But now scientists and the corporations can actually create new species and OWN THEIR EXISTENCE. How crazy is that? And how far away are we from a new breed of slavery? I’m ranting I know, this is how I procrastinate.

  • Andy Ehrensberger

    Great post! The key issues about GMO’s are, in my opinion, the legal and the economic questions, especially the dependence that farmers have developed towards suppliers of seeds and weedkillers. It seems clear that farmers have been at a disadvantage for years, with little leverage against the powerful corporations (mainly Monsanto, but also Dow, DuPont and others). Efforts should be placed on helping farmers, rather than on prohibiting GMO’s, which will be necessary to provide enough food for a growing global population.